Anderson, Laurie

Arnal, Audrey

Barrie, Kelsey

Bennett, Patricia

Black, Jody

Bloxham, Cathleen

Bramley, Tina

Brochez, Chantal

Coyes, Nicole

Culkin, Julie

Deforest, Kelsey

Dionne, Janna

Downey, Suzanne

Farwell, Serena

Gitelman, Kathy

Glowa, Erin

Harding, Sharon

Hayden, Alicia

Hegion, Shelley

Holman, Chelsea

Houle, Peggy

Jensen, Melissa

Johnson, Allison

Kathol, Jill

Kennedy, Joanie

Kennedy, Julie

Kennedy, Margie

Kenney, Jacqueline

Kube, Deb

Kube, Hilary

Larocque, Kathy

Laycock, Shelley

Lennox, Charlene

Loh, Brittany

Long, Kery

Luciow, Bonita

Mabley, Jane

Madgett, Stephanie

Masters, Sandie

Middleton, Darlene

Morin, Sara

Mosher, Linda

Nichols, Leah

Paulson, Anna

Pelletier, Nicole

Pilling, Lori

Plunkett, Tracey

Potter, Becky

Richter, Charmaine

Ruzicka, Tracey

Schuett, Leah

Sexsmith, Michelle

Shumlich, Lorraine

Shydlowski, Terry

Simes, Charlene

Stradeski, Lise

Syverson, Shauna

Templeton, Ali

VanBastelaar, Cheryl

Veale, Kimberly

Wake, Tracy

Walls, Julie

Young, Deborah

Zizakovic, Kimberley


Pink Ring 2007

We raised over $23,000!

March 31, 2007


Over 60 women participated in the 2nd Annual Pink Ring and raised over $23,000 to purchase a Gamma Probe for the Rockyview Hospital.


The Gamma Probe is a tool that is used by Nuclear Medicine to map cancerous regions, and is most often used prior to surgery in order to determine if breast cancer has metastasized into the lymph system.


Pink Ring 2006

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We would not have been able to host our event without Triwood Arena, who were kind enough to provide the ice at a reduced rate. Sobeys was also extremely generous and donated enough food and drink for all our participants during the event. Tremendous thanks to the Ringette Store, Stingers and the Calgary Health Trust.



Calgary Health Trust   WRAC

Sobeys            Triwood Arena

Ringette Store          Stinger