Canadian Breast Cancer Statistics 2008*

  • Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among Canadian women
  • In 2008, an estimated 22,400 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 5,300 will die of it.
  • An estimated 170 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 50 will die of it.
  • On average, 431 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every week.
  • On average, 102 Canadian women will die of breast cancer every week.
  • One in 9 women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime. One in 28 will die of it.
  • Breast cancer death rates have declined in all ages combined and in every age group since at least the mid 1990s.
  • Incidence and death rates for breast cancer have declined since 1969 in women aged 20-39.


Questions & Answers


Is there are a cap on the number of registrations?

Yes, the cap is 96 participants.


Is there an age restriction?

Yes, only women 19 years and over are allowed to register for our event.


Is this a competitive event?

The event is non-competitive. We want to promote fun, friendship and participation. Good sportsmanship will be stressed throughout the event.


What level of skill is required?

Women of all skill levels from recreational to AA can compete.


What equipment must be worn?

Ringette Canada approved equipment must be worn. Hockey cages / visors are not allowed.


How many games do participants get?

Players should expect to play a minimum of 4 games throughout the event.


Will there be assigned teams?

Yes, there will be two teams (ie. Team Black and Team White). Each team will have approximately 4 squads (ie. Team Black 1, Team Black 2 etc). You will be assigned your team and schedule prior to the event.


How will you divide players into teams?

We will do our best to evenly balance the skill levels between two teams.


How will you keep score?

The team scores will be cumulative throughout the entire event. (ie. Team Black 109 - Team White 108)


Will there be referees?

Yes, we will have Ringette Alberta certified referees.


Will I be allowed to play my regular position?

Only goalies are guaranteed to play their position. The position you play will be determined by your team captain. Your position may vary each game.


When do I hand in my completed pledge form(s) and funds?

Check our donation details page for more information.